Data protection methods
Data Protection Methods
Setting up a Firewall A firewall is one of the most important roadblocks you can put up to protect your computers from an online threat. Firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing data, letting through what is deemed safe while ignoring or...

Data protection Breach
Data protection Breach
A data protection breach can be the result of you failing to uphold the principles of the Data Protection Act, or it can be the result of a cybercrime, such as hacking, which puts data at risk. Target of data...

Data protection officer (DPO)
Data protection officer
The concept of a Data Protection Officer was created in Europe as part of the General Data Protection Regulation. The obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer must be considered, if any processing includes public authority, or there are processing...

GDPR Audits
GDPR Audits
GDPR audits are investigations which evaluate the processes for fulfilling privacy data requirements and GDPR guidelines. They are conducted by internal or external auditors and take place in irregularly planned intervals or in a case of doubt. The focus of...

What Is GDPR & GDPR Compliance?
What Is GDPR & GDPR Compliance
GDPR: GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, a new set of rules that came into effect on May 25. The GDPR is a piece of EU legislation passed by the European Parliament in 2016. It aims to make...

GDPR Risk Assessments
GDPR Risk Assessments
Any organization that’s required to comply with the EU Data protection regulation(GDPR) needs to conduct regular risk assessments. This isn’t just because the Regulation says so; it’s because risk assessments are an essential part of cyber security, helping organizations to...


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